Karos is the leading european carpool platform for daily commuting.

We build tailored carpool networks integrated with public transportation, with the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility.

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We bring together

mobile app karos tech

A mobile platform that connects passengers with drivers through machine learning, finding the best match possible on your way to work.

mobile app karos tech

A best-in class SaaS platform for partners to configure, track and analyze their carpooling network locally.

mobile app karos tech

A set of methodologies and communication tools that help employers and local communities promote carpooling for their citizens and employees.

We work with

1.Public Transport Authorities

Away from city centers, production cost of a Karos trip is 10 times cheaper than bus or metro. PTA use Karos to reduce their carbon footprint, fight congestion and extend the reach of their public transportation network

2.Mobility Operators

With carpooling, operators can diversify their mobility offering with a low cost and carbon efficient mode of transportation. As 75% of Europeans commute by car, carpooling is a great way to target more and new users

3.Service Providers

Service providers of the transportation sector work with Karos to expand their green mobility offering and reach out to new customers. Carpooling offers strong differentiation from their competitors.

Our first partners

Karos operates with its own teams in France, and offers its technical platform and methodologies as a service to partners globally.

TemTem is a leading on demand transportation platform in Algeria. In 3 months, Karos delivered the tech platform and methodologies to TemTem for a launch of Karos service in early 2020.

Since then, more than 10,000 users have joined the service.

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“After analyzing our usage data, TemTem data scientists concluded that the market needed a low cost transportation offer for daily commuting, complementary to our taxi service. With Karos in Algeria, we address a societal problem with a green mobility solution”

Kamel Haddar,
founder of TemTem

The Federation of Danish motorists is an association that provides services (insurance, assistance, hotlines…) to car owners in Denmark. FDM wanted to bring a carbon efficient mobility solution for their members.

From 2021, they operate the Karos platform in Denmark, working with both big corporations and local communities.

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“We are proud that FDM can play a major role in the development of carpooling. With this new collaboration, FDM brings french technology and experience to Danes, for the good of danish society.“

Thomas Møller Thomsen,
chairman of FDM.

We are backed by strong partners

Karos has raised 15M€ of capital from international investors, over its 7 years of existence.
In 2021, Karos welcomed the European commission as a shareholder and board member in order to boost our expansion in several European countries.